Your Voice for Peace

Many children’s skin is black as dark chocolate, others are milk-coffee brown or as light as marzipan. Some girls and boys live in high-rise apartments in the city, others in a hut in the jungle. Football is a passion for some, while others go dog-sled racing. The one child likes falafel, another likes pizza or pirogi. Some want to grow up to be computer game inventors, others would prefer to breed reindeers.

All the children on earth are different. And no child is just like you. Quite right, too!
But all do share something in common: They live together on planet earth and are members of a huge, multi-coloured world family. And so we came up with a suitable saying to express this: MANY CHILDREN – ONE WORLD.

Our Aim

Peace is the most important thing in the world! And we would like to contribute to a world where all children and grown-ups get on with each other in a friendly and respectful way. “We Feeling” is a magic word that can bring peace. We want to strengthen this.

Our Project

Did you know that there are over 5000 languages spoken on this planet? You too are a piece of this huge, multi-coloured world family. That’s why our message should sound out in as many languages as possible – like this: Girls and boys from all over the world say “Many Children, One World” in their native language for a short video.

At the end, we’ll put all the pieces together like a big puzzle or a mosaic. This will then form part of an art project that will take place on all seven continents of the planet at the same time, such as in Hamburg, Cape Town and New York.

Lend us your voice!

You want to join in? Fantastic! First ask your parents if you can have their permission. Ok?…Ok! Let your mum or dad or another person film you. Just say “Many Children, One World” into the camera. You’re done!

For recording, you can use a digital camera, tablet PC or smart phone. Upload the finished film onto YouTube, or send it to us via E-Mail. How to do that is here in the INSTRUCTIONS  (please click).

Pass it on!

Tell all the people you can about the project – friends and internet buddies, neighbours, team-mates and school friends. The more children that join in, the better!

Thanks and have fun!